Cryopak Cryo-Box

Insulated packaging in assembled polyurethane


Cold Chain Packaging Solutions

Cryo-Box offers a wide range of insulated packaging made with assembled polyurethane panels with a 35kg/m³ density. It has been especially designed for positive and negative cold chain shipments for thermal sensitive products. Cryo-Box is an ideal solution to ship healthcare products between 48h to 96h and also for food product export, frozen in particular.

The Cryo-Box concept is offered in three ranges:

  • Polyurethane panels – 40mm thickness
  • Polyurethane panels – 60mm thickness
  • Polyurethane panels – 75mm thickness

Custom boxes can be designed to specifically meet your products’ dimensions and cold chain requirements.

Cryo-Box is configurable with a double wall brown outer carton or white outer carton, labels and handle as options.

Applications :

  • Cold Chain Solutions
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Clinical studies/trials
  • Any product requiring temperature control

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