Cryopak Cryo-Case

Reusable Insulated Containers, Cold Chain Packaging Solutions


Cold Chain Packaging Solutions

Cryo-Case is a series of reusable isothermal containers for transporting temperature-sensitive products under cold chain. These insulated cases made from polyurethane are formulated with an outer coating of polyethylene, enabling the cold chain to be maintained for up to 72 hours.

Our Cryo-Case is both robust and practical, and specifically suitable to be reused over time. The quality of the insulating material used reduces the number of cool elements necessary, and thereby results in a lighter overall package.

Reusable Insulating Container – Polyurethane 40 mm, density 35 kg/m3

  • Stackable container equipped with a deep and robust lid for a high stability.
  • Open / close system of the lid by sliders.
  • Insulating top panel strapped for an easiest opening.
  • Container fully washable (inside / outside).
  • Polyurethane panels covered by a shrink film for an optimal inside cleaning.
  • Inner Volume options of : 4, 7, 11, 21, 32 or 49 litres

Options :

  • Inner slides on certain sizes for an easy insertion of cool elements and a better stability in the container.
  • Blue exterior colour. Others colours in option for different shipping temperatures.
  • Marking of the container (logo, text).

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