Cryopak Pallet Transporter

Insulated Pallet Boxes


Sending large volumes optimises the cold chain performance because a bigger mass of products increases their inertia and protect them better from temperature changes.

The Pallet Transporter is an insulating pallet very robust and light which welcomes EU and US pallets and offers exceptional thermal performances for +2° / +8°C or +15° / +25°C (CRT) applications.

The Pallet Transporter has been especially designed for cold chain shipments of pallets of thermal sensitive products with a shipping duration up to 96h/120h.

It has been developed for air transport because 4 Pallet Transporter fit in a cookie sheet (unit load device). Arrived at destination, it can be removed and reused. We propose return logistics on several roads in the world in the aim to reuse the packaging and the cooling elements.

The Pallet Transporter is available in two versions : one is made in 6 to 7,5 cm polyurethane (PU) panels with 48kg/m3 of density, the other version is made in 7 cm polystyrene panels (EPS) with 20kg/m3 of density.

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