Hanwell Selsium

Hospital Temperature Monitoring System

Selsium Ward & Clinic Monitor

Selsium is a hospital temperature monitoring system and has been designed specifically for wards and clinics to keep drugs safe from damage and the public safe from harm.

  • Reliable monitoring with audit trails and reports for MHRA and CQC compliance.
  • A Simple Solution – hospital temperature monitoring system
  • Hospital staff under increasing time pressure, it makes sense to ease the stress by removing general manual reporting from day-to-day duties where possible.
  • Hanwell’s latest in-ward temperature technology, this is now achievable with Selsium.
  • Selsium is a simple hospital temperature monitoring system for wards that not only helps free up nurses’ time, but also reduces the risk to patients from potential ineffective vaccines and ensure medicine waste is eliminated.
  • Using Hanwell wireless telemetry, Selsium can be deployed over a few wards with either just a handful of fridges or many wards with hundreds of fridges.

When the temperature within one of those fridges breaches pre-determined settings, a buzzer will sound to alert the staff. Normally someone would need to go to a PC to view the alarm but with Selsium that is a thing of the past. The alarm notification and actions will be delivered to a nominated printer for staff to quickly identify and rectify.

Because Selsium also stores the data on a local network, the system can be used by senior staff to access, analyse and identify any potential trends that may cause problems in the future.