Cryopak Console Pro

Data Logger / Temperature Monitor Software


Cryopak currently offers two different software packages:

Console Plus is the most recent version (first released in late 2012) and has improved features, making it easier to use and more accessible.

  • Internet-based software to download and share temperature/RH data on a secure, third-party web site (cloud) with designated partners, leading to improved relationships and collaboration
  • Lets you manage, sort, and query large amounts of data
  • Easy sharing of partner access – anytime, anywhere
  • Enter shipment notes, easy email of reports and graphs
  • Easy programming and downloading of Cryopak data loggers
  • Automatic updates each time you log in

Console Pro is the predecessor model of Cryopak’s software that still operates their legacy Escort products including the iLog.

Cryopak Console Pro

Download this software to run the following products/ranges:

  • Intelligent Mini (MI Range)
  • iMiniPlus (MP Range)
  • iMiniPlus PDF (MU Range)
  • iLog (EI Range)
  • Precision (EX & EH Range)
  • Junior (EJ Range)
  • Wireless REDi
  • Wireless Intelligent Mini
  • Chart Reader (EA, EI, EJ Range)
  • Beer Logger (HJ-FP-U Range)
  • High Temp Junior (HJ & HT Range)

*This is a free download. Click the download button to download the file and then unzip and install.


 pdf download iconConsole Pro User Manual